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Traditional Indian Block printing -Khadi

Khadi work roots back to the history of India, it has dominantly had a fair role in India’s vibrant heritage. Khadi prints are in great demand by the fashion lovers even today and have become the talk of the town. Khadi, also called as Khari or Tinsel Work, is meant to beautify and enhance the fabric’s look. Khadi print is usually used with light colors for the print to stand out on the dark fabric.

For tinsel printing, initially gold and silver dusts were used by the weavers. Today, they have been replaced by flakes of crushed mica and granular metallic powders. Khadi print is a technique majorly applied on fabrics to be used for royal weddings and similar grand occasions. Nowadays, Khadi work is popular on sarees, salwar kameez, lehengas, rajasthani dresses and home furnishing items.

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